Managing Management Time: Who's Got the Monkey?

William Oncken
Bill Oncken, Jr. hits both the absurdities and realities of organizational life in America with such accuracy that it hurts. Now what hundreds of thousands of managers have learned in "Managing Management Time" seminars is being made available for every manager in America to read in the quiet of his or her office. Get out the handkerchiefs because this book reads as accurately & humorously as Bill tells it "live". He offers practical, realistic, workable solutions to the dilemmas facing the overloaded manager. His advice on "How to Delegate" is, by itself, many times worth the price of this book. Practicing managers all over the world will "lap up" this book. It should be required reading for all students of management in all universities and colleges. "Managing Management Time" is not just about time management, it's a complete course in management. You will learn from and enjoy this book but most important, is that you will use what you learn. The truths that Bill Oncken will give you can set you free and make your organization a more productive and satisfying place for everyone to work. This book is an invaluable reference.


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