Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens

John E. Mack
THE PROVOCATIVE BESTSELLER--THE MOST RIVETING ACCOUNT EVER PUBLISHED ON ALIEN ABDUCTIONPULITZER PRIZE-WINNERJohn E. Mack, M.D.Fascinating, suggestive, and even inspiring.--The New York Times Book ReviewA TRANSCENDENT, LANDMARK WORK...An extraordinarily rich and strange mind-expanding book.--Boston HeraldWhen respected Harvard psychiatrist John E. Mack, M.D., first published these astonishing results of four years of intensive research and investigation into alien abduction, he unleashed a firestorm of controversy. Now, in this paperback edition, Mack answers his critics, both believers and skeptics. Mack focuses on thirteen ordinary Americans (from nearly one hundred case studies) who tell dramatic, inspiring, and remarkably similar stories: repeated visits from large-eyed beings, mysterious machines, telepathy, invasive medical procedures, hours missing from their lives, and startling messages about the future....Provocative...This book is a challenge to any reader. It raises questions about how we live on this planet and with each other that the Western mind and culture will not be able to ignore for too much longer. It also raises questions about the nature of reality; of time, space, energy and the true nature of humanness. It opens the door to a very serious redefinition of life as we know it.--Los Angeles Times Book ReviewStrange and disturbing...Something is powering this rash of abduction claims, making it worth the kind of serious investigation Mack presents here.--San Francisco ChronicleA groundbreakingstudy...Credible and thought-provoking.--Publishers WeeklyA FEATURED SELECTION OF THE LITERARY GUILD


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