Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today (An Uncle Eric Book.)

Richard J. Maybury
"Ancient Rome" discusses what happens when higher law principles and a free market economy are ignored. Mr. Maybury uses historical events to explain current events, including the wars in the former Soviet Empire, and the legal and economic problems of America today. Is your government making the same choices that led to the fall of Ancient Rome? Will history repeat?To improve the student's learning experience, also purchase the student study guide for "Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today" titled "A Bluestocking Guide: Ancient Rome" also available through Amazon.Can be used for courses in Ancient Rome, U.S. History, Government, and Economics.Table of Contents for Ancient RomeUncle Eric's Model of How the World WorksStudy Guide AvailableAbout the Cover IllustrationAuthor's DisclosureMapsTimeline1. History Repeats2. The Roman Disease that Stalks the Markets 3. The Roman Model4. Hitler and Mussolini5. The Roman Lust for Blood6. Logic vs. Interests7. Listen to the Music8. The Return of Feudalism9. Straight Lines10. The Byzantine Empire11. SummaryBibliographyGlossaryAbout Richard J. Maybury (Uncle Eric)IndexSuggested for Further ReadingRichard Maybury uses several examples from Ancient Rome to explain economic principles in his book "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?" also available through Amazon.


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