Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure, The

William Goldman
William Goldman's modern fantasy classic is a simple, exceptional story about quests—for riches, revenge, power, and, of course, true love—that's thrilling and timeless.   Anyone who lived through the 1980s may find it impossible—inconceivable, even—to equate The Princess Bride with anything other than the sweet, celluloid romance of Westley and Buttercup, but the film is only a fraction of the ingenious storytelling you'll find in these pages. Rich in character and satire, the novel is set in 1941 and framed cleverly as an “abridged” retelling of a centuries-old tale set in the fabled country of Florin that's home to “Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passions.”


Reviewed: 2016-06-24
I can't believe I'd never read this book before. I grew up watching the movie, and I love it, but for some reason I'd never thought about there even being a book!

I have to say, after reading it, it's now one of my favorites. Here's a book that has everything: a beautiful up-and-coming princess; a swoon-worthy, bad-ass swashbuckling pirate who believes in and is willing to fight for true love; a giant; an honor-bound Spaniard with the single most awesome catch-phrase ever; R.O.U.Ss... The list goes on and on. Adventure, fantasy, love story, revenge story, satire... You name it, this book's probably got it.

I wasn't really thrilled with Buttercup's Baby, but that's alright. I wasn't expecting that addition to the story, so even though it left me wondering about a lot of things, I'm still rating the book 5 stars.

Read this book... It's only the good parts, so its worth it! (And the only "abridged" book that I'll read, by the way.)
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