95 Theses: 500th Anniversary Edition

Martin Luther
Celebrate the richness of Reformation theology with your own copy of Martin Luther's 95 theses, now available in a special 500th anniversary reader's edition. This clear, English translation of the theses that started it all.Luther's 95 theses formed but a beginning and a spark for discussion . . . yet we still read these enduring words. They have deep value. The theses began with attention to the biblical text, exploring the word repent. In the ensuing controversy, Luther grew to depend on God s Word (sola Scriptura) more and more, against ecclesiastical authorities such as popes or councils.The careful biblical study that moved Luther to write the 95 theses served as fuel for his personal devotion, his professorial calling, and his pastoral interest in the care of souls starting with his own. The theses reflect his concern for certainty of salvation. As stated in what has been called the noblest of the theses, the true treasure of the church is the most holy gospel of the glory and grace of God (Thesis 62).


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