Bad Case of Stripes, A

David Shannon
"What we have here is a bad case of stripes. One of the worst I've ever seen!" Camilla Cream loves lima beans, but she never eats them. Why? Because the other kids in her school don't like them. And Camilla Cream is very, very worried about what other people think of her. In fact, she's so worried that she's about to break out in...a bad case of stripes!


Reviewed: 2021-08-23

Reviewed: 2020-12-13

 I chose this book because of how memorable it was for me as a child. I may not have understood it all but one thing I did understand was that being who you are is more than exceptional. I was a shy kid (so I thought) and I really just liked to be alone but I struggled with being who I wanted because I hid her. This book touches on accountability as well.

Reviewed: 2019-09-30

El personaje principal de la historia es Camilia Creama. Le encanta comer frijoles, pero no los come cerca de sus amigos porque no les gustan los frijoles. Un dia se deserto y descubrio que enia rayas de arcoiris en todo el cuerpo. Me gusta este libro porque cuando era mas joven solia pensar que era divertido. Encontre este libro divertido debido a todos los patrones y colores que se mencionaron a lo largo de la historia.

Reviewed: 2019-09-30

A mi me gusta el libro porque es divertido leer la cuenta acerca de Camilla y me gusta los libros de David Shannon. Yo recomiendo el libro porque es facíl leer. La cuenta es bien para las personas comprehender la messenje. 

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#badcaseofstripes... is such a good book I remember when my teacher read this to the class. this book teaches you to be yourself in your skin.
#badcaseofstripes... A little girl had to learn to be happy with her identity. The book won the Great Lakes' Great Books award in 2001.
#badcaseofstripes... "Im getting calls from the other parents and their afraid the stripes could be contagious." Good story about fitting in
#badcaseofstripes... I enjoy this book because it allows you to learn to be yourself and how to be comfortable in your own skin.
#badcaseofstripes... A great language arts activity would be listing the character traits of Camilla.
In the book #badcaseofstripes... , the little girl was playing sick because she didn't want to go to school.
#badcaseofstripes... Vibrant illustrations. Humorous. Moral: do not be scared to be yourself in front of others.
#badcaseofstripes... This is a fantasy book. What I enjoyed about this book teaches to you love being yourself. Be a leader not a follower. "One award that A Bad Case of Stripes won included the Great Lakes' Great Books Award in
#badcaseofstripes... proves that being yourself is the best medicine!
#badcaseofstripes... won the Great Lakes' Great Books Award in 2001. It teaches kids to be themselves and be comfortable in their own skin.
#badcaseofstripes... funny story that children wold really like
#badcaseofstripes... Do you! Never worry about what other people think of you. You fit in better when you're YOU.