Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Vol. 9

Natsuki Takaya
Secrets of the curse revealed! Dive deep into the twisted relationship between Akito and Kureno, the most elusive member of the Sohma zodiac. Tohru tries to help, but finds herself in even deeper trouble. Good thing she has steadfast friends who will save the day! Elsewhere, something is going on with Machi! When Yuki and Kakeru pay a visit to her home, will the secrets of her past be revealed? And trouble is on the horizon when Hatsuharu finally learns what Akito did to Rin. Will anything be able to stop his wrath, or will he do something he can't take back?!


Reviewed: 2018-09-23

It would have been really easy to flub this ending with so many sad and horrible things that have happened. Easy to veer one way or the other (too sad, too happy). It was happy but a happiness with a levity. I'm not sure I can get behind Shigure and Akito, but you know, I feel like there's a great recognition that these people just need to let each other go and leave bad things in the past. Punishing Akito would just start another terrible cycle. How much is too much retribution? Some of the couples are whack, but you know. Great ending to a great series.

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