Basic Plant Pathology Methods

James B. Sinclair, Onkar Dev Dhingra
The Second Edition of this bestseller brings together basic plant pathology methods published in diverse and often abstract publications. The Second Edition is updated and expanded with numerous new figures, new culture media, and additional methods for working with a greater number of organisms. Methods are easy to use and eliminate the need to seek out original articles. This reference allows for easy identification of methods appropriate for specific problems and facilities. Scientific names of pathogens and some of their hosts are updated in this edition. The book also acts as a research source providing more than 1,800 literature citations.The Second Edition includes chapters on the following:Sterilization of culture apparatus and culture mediaCulture of pathogens with detailed techniques for 61 fungi and selected bacteriaLong-term storage of plant pathogensDetection and estimation of inoculum for 28 soilborne fungal pathogens and 5 bacterial genera-15 methods for airborne inoculum and 13 methods for seedborne pathogensEstablishment of disease and testing for disease resistanceWork with soil microorganismsFungicide evaluationBiological controlBright-field microscopy


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