Another Day, Another Challenge: The Biography of a Child with Williams Syndrome

Marjorie Strebe
How do you respond when a uniformed patrol officer stops by your house and says your name comes up in briefing every day and they are receiving complaints about you from the fire department? Another Day, Another Challenge chronicles the true story of a girl born with Williams syndrome, a genetic disorder that most physicians had not heard of at the time of her diagnosis. While the pediatricians brushed off her mother's concerns as insignificant, they blamed her for the baby's failure to thrive. Author Marjorie Strebe tells a compelling story of love, devotion, and great courage, even while Michelle's heartwarming journey called life leads the family through medical battles, social dilemmas, and obsessions galore. Michelle's story encourages every reader to overcome the overwhelming with the help of God to face Another Day, Another Challenge.


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