Appointment With Death.

Agatha Christie
Book Cover Boasts "Now a magnificent Star-Studded Movie Thriller Peter Ustinov returns as Hercule Poirot". STORYLINE: Hercule Poirot overhead on his first night in Jerusalem these words, "You see, don't you, that she's got to be killed"? And when a holiday tour of the Holy Land ends abruptly with murder, the words come back to haunt the legendary detective. The victim, Mrs. Boynton, had taken such pleasure in inflicting misery on her own family that everyone else on the tour hd watched in horror as the tension built. Many people had a motive for murder, but the question is, Which one was desperate enough to kill?


Reviewed: 2014-07-07

One of my absolute favorite Agatha Christies! I love the setting (Petra, Jordan) and the characters and the plot is really interesting.

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