Circle of Stones

Catherine Fisher
Three interwoven, spine-tingling historical thrillers from the New York Times bestselling author of Incarceron.   Suspense, mysticism, and history encircle three separate but related narratives in this fantasy novel. Today, Sulis, a teenage girl with a mysterious past, arrives in Bath with a new identity, trailed by the person she's trying to outrun.  In 1740, Zac is apprenticed to an architect obsessed with Druidic mysteries, but has his own secret—and destructive—agenda.  In ancient England, a druid king discovers the healing waters of a magical spring, where he founds a great city, and the heart of Fisher’s story. Through each voice, the mysteries are revealed, linking Sulis, Zac, and the king through the circles of time.


Reviewed: 2018-08-04
I'm pretty sure it's impossible not to read a book by Catherine Fisher all in one sitting, because it happens every single time I pick up anything by her! This one was utterly fascinating in a way that was different from her other books. The others have all been page turner plots that are supported flawlessly by wonderful characterization. This one was sort of the opposite- beautiful characterization tangled up in a mess of ideas that you just can't look away from because it just pulls you in.
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