Advanced Body Language - Nonverbal Communication Skills for Greater Understanding - Dynamic DVD Training Video featuring Bill Acheson

Michael Jeffreys
Preview available at main Seminars On DVD website, but be sure to purchase on Amazon for best pricing. Studies consistently demonstrate that words are only a small piece of the communication puzzle. There is much more that happens at a subconscious level that impacts our ability to connect with others and be truly understood. In this exciting and humorous program you'll discover how people communicate subtle and obvious messages through nonverbal language. This humorous program examines virtually every aspect of conscious and subconscious communication including time, space, appearance, posture, gesture, voice, facial expression, eye contact, touch, silence, and even smell. You'll know how to tell if people are lying to you, and what their real intentions are. You'll also learn how to project yourself with greater confidence, and influence people with more precision than ever before. - CREATE A GREATER AWARENESS OF BODY LANGUAGE - DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MALE AND FEMALE GESTURING - FIVE STYLES OF HANDSHAKES AND WHAT THEY MEAN - DISCOVER HOW TO PROJECT GREATER PERSONAL POWER - HOW TO TELL IF PEOPLE ARE BEING TRUTHFUL WITH YOU - AND MUCH MORE... Seminars on DVD has created dozens of powerful training videos covering a variety of topics, all delivered by the World's top speakers. To find the entire list of available programs, search Amazon for: seminarsondvd


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