Don't Forget to Say Bismillah!

Farzana Rahman
Click to enlarge Don't Forget To Say Bismillah By Farzana Rahman Don't Forget To Say Bismillah By Farzana Rahman Don't forget to say Bismillah- A sound book listen and learn. A fun, effective way for children to learn a selection of duasin arabic together with their english menaings. A simple story about a young muslim family and how they use basic Dua's in their everyday life. The story shows how the youngest member of the family, Safiyya, learns to say her first arabic words simply by listening to those around her. REVIEW It's a book that demonstrates how basic dua is incorporated into the daily life of a Muslim family using a combination of text and sound. I don't think I've come across any Islamic children's book like this to date. I'm excited about this book because not only is it an engaging story that seamlessly incorporates aspects of Muslim manners, but it is, from the illustrations to the design, a product that is professionally produced. It's Safiyya's first day at nursery today," says Mum. "And I have a spelling test today," says Sara. "And I have a big football match today," says Ali "Everything will go well, Insha'Allah," reassures Mum, "but don't forget to say Bismillah before beginning anything you do." "I'm done, Al-Hamdulillah," says Ali. "Your pancakes are the best Mum!" "Jazakallahu Khairan," says Mum.


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