27 Body Transformation Habits You Can't Ignore

Tyler Bramlett
Having worked with hundreds of people 1 on 1 to help them lose fat and regain strength and health in their bodies, I finally realized that it's not the big changes you make that help you achieve your goals but rather the small changes that actually make a BIG difference! Which... is the reason I wrote this book :-)This book contains the 27 most powerful body transformation habits that you can use to become happy, healthy and lean! Inside you'll learn:-The "lean 15" daily habits that you must follow in order to burn fat without extreme diets or exercise.-The 7 weekly habits that will change the way you think about your day keeping you more energetic and motivated.-The 5 monthly habits that you must use to become the best version of yourself.-The 3 nutrition "rules" that make all diet's obsolete.-The most important exercise for living lean. -And so much more!I invite you to take this journey with me so you can transform your bad habits into good ones and along the way transform the way your body looks and feels!


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