Daughter of the Forest (The Sevenwaters Trilogy, Book 1)

Juliet Marillier
Lovely Sorcha is the seventh child and only daughter of Lord Colum of Sevenwaters. Bereft of a mother, she is comforted by her six brothers who love and protect her. Sorcha is the light in their lives, they are determined that she know only contentment.But Sorcha's joy is shattered when her father is bewitched by his new wife, an evil enchantress who binds her brothers with a terrible spell, a spell which only Sorcha can lift-by staying silent. If she speaks before she completes the quest set to her by the Fair Folk and their queen, the Lady of the Forest, she will lose her brothers forever. When Sorcha is kidnapped by the enemies of Sevenwaters and taken to a foreign land, she is torn between the desire to save her beloved brothers, and a love that comes only once. Sorcha despairs at ever being able to complete her task, but the magic of the Fair Folk knows no boundaries, and love is the strongest magic of them all...


Reviewed: 2017-11-03
I had heard many good things about this book and so wanted to like it. I wasn't even able to finish it. I'm one of those strange people who like long books that are descriptive to what some people would call a point of agony but I like it when it is done WELL. The plot took an insane amount of time to kick in and, after it finally did, it had a beautiful quality of prose but was ultimately some of the most boring narration I've ever read. The story takes forever to tell and instead of going on the journey with her, you are kept in the position of reader.

Characters come and go without ever being fleshed out as much as I would have liked for them to be.

My favorite characters, two of her brothers- Conor and Finbar, where enjoyable to read but aren't in it nearly enough since they are unfortunately in swan mode for most of the book.

Unfortunately, my least favorite character was Sorcha. To me, she fell extremely flat as a heroine. It was hard to dislike her because she is portrayed as such a decent, passionate person but I never felt anything for her. The only reason I wanted her to suceed in her quest was to save her brothers.

Red appeared as a decent type of character but I once again didn't have anything invested in him. This might have been because I had emotionally "checked out" by the time he FINALLY appeared on the page.

I won't be recommending this book to anyone. If you want a story with a strong female character, however, I can't recommend Kristen Britain's Green Rider trilogy highly enough.
Reviewed: 2016-05-31
This would have to be my favourite Juliet Marillier novel so far. Based on the fairytale "The Six Swans" it tells the story of Sorcha who is the only one who can break the evil enchantment placed upon her brothers by her wicked stepmother. I have always enjoyed this fairytale and love it even more after reading this book. Looking forward to sequel and hope that it is full of the challenges, trials, betrayals and adventures that "Daughter of the Forest" has.
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