Full Service Schools

Robert F. Kronick
"A full service school is a school which serves as a central point of delivery, a single community hub for whatever education, health, social, human, or employment services have been determined locally to be needed to support a child's success in school and the community. This book focuses on keeping children in school by using preventive measures and providing enrichment for both children and families. Primary topics include definitions and practices of full service schools, a review of the literature and setting up, the organizational effects on schools from structure to stories, key steps in starting a full service school and the critical importance of collaboration, including art and social science based on the tenets of art and meeting the non-curricular needs of children and families. A 3-Step Model is presented, containing key phases in action planning within the school community, building commitments, parent empowerment, harmonizing school-owned and community-based health and social services, identifying professional development needs, and planning supports for teachers and ways to improve life in classrooms. This work is a response to a number of concerns that impact the lives of children, families, and the schools."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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