Human Services and the Full Service School

Robert E. Kronick
"A full service school is a school that meets the most basic needs of children and their families. The author discusses how these needs can be met, which must be done if the child is to learn. The key desired outcome of this process will be increased learning, with the goal being that the full service school will make teaching easier. Teachers teach by addressing the non-curricular needs of children and families. It is these children and families that shape the services that will be provided by the school, such as extended hours of operation, counseling, quilt making, and providing laundry services. Schools must think in non-traditional ways, outside the "box" as it were, and the voices of children and families must be heard. The main emphasis is that at-risk children must be provided with services that, for a variety of reasons, they may not be receiving, and curricular and non-curricular service providers must collaborate. In the author's words, it is the school where one must do prevention and intervention, because this is where the children and families are. It is no longer a question whether the school will be a parent or not; it is, will it be a good parent. This book will be an excellent resource for school administrators, private child care workers, family resource and youth service center coordinators, alternative educators, and others concerned with at-risk youth."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved


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