Bird-by-Bird Gardening

Sally Roth
Bird lovers learn what specific bird families like best and how to entice their favorites to the backyard in this newest guide from the author of The Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible. What should a birder do if he likes bluebirds and wrens but is not all that interested in woodpeckers and starlings?Bird-by-Bird Gardening takes the chance and happenstance out of backyard birding. Readers learn what design features and edible treats will tempt particular bird families so their birdbaths and feeders will be overflowing with visitors of their choice. Bird-by-Bird Gardening Shows readers how to lure their preferred species with bird-friendly features such as water, shrub cover, nesting plants, and feeders Includes 19 garden designs for attracting specific bird families Provides water projects and feeder recipes for each bird family With this book to guide them, bird lovers will soon have their favorite birds lingering longer in the backyard—and revisiting year after year.


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