Andrew Murray (Men of Faith)

William Lindner, William Linder
The warmth of a deep relationship with God built on the bedrock of Biblical truth.Born in South Africa, Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was sent to study in England at age 10. When he returned to South Africa as a pastor and evangelist, he led a revival that shook the country.Murray's lifetime of work to deepen the spiritual life of Christians has touched the church worldwide through the legacy of his profound writings, including With Christ in the School of Prayer, Abide in Christ, and Raising Your Children for Christ. Less well-known is his involvement in church/state relations, theological debates, and the founding of universities. Murray's solidly biblical theology and fiery spiritual life made him a driving force behind the revivals of his day and a model of faithfulness for ours.Meet the man behind some of the most beloved devotional classics of our times.


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