Adventures in Odyssey VOL #2, Stormy Weather: And Other Grins, Grabbers & Great Getaways (Gold Audio Series)

AIO Team
Usually sunny Odyssey is about to get hit by a downpour of disasters. From a violent tornado to a turbulent voyage with Jonah, anything's possible in this little town. Will Connie, Jack, Lucy, and the Barclays ride out the storms? One thing is certain: the climate is always right for learning priceless lessons, through rain or shine. The Gold series includes bonus tracks, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes details! Volume 2 contains the following stories (and themes): The Family Vacation, 1 & 2 (The very first episode with the Barclays) The Day Independence Came (Revolutionary War) Stormy Weather (Faith and friendship) Kid's Radio (How Kid's Radio started) VBS Blues (Perseverance) Camp What-A-Nut 1 & 2 (Everybody's favorite summer getaway) The Last Great Adventure of the Summer (An around-the-world adventure) The Case of the Secret Room 1 & 2 (A thrilling mystery) Return to the Bible Room (Jonah)


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