Fields of Fire (Frontlines)

Marko Kloos
The time has come to take the fight to the Lankies.Mars has been under Lanky control for more than a year. Since then, the depleted forces of Earth’s alliances have rebuilt their fleets, staffing old warships with freshly trained troops. Torn between the need to beat the Lankies to the punch and taking enough time to put together an effective fighting force, command has decided to strike now.Once again, seasoned veterans Andrew and Halley find themselves in charge of green troops and at the sharp tip of the spear as the combined military might of Earth goes up against the Lankies. But if there’s one constant in war, it’s that no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy…and the Lankies want to hold on to Mars as badly as humanity wants to reclaim it.


Reviewed: 2017-08-22

Another amazing story from the NAC. Marko introduces several new weapons and tactics for both sides, and churns out another great ending that will have me waiting in line for the next book in the series. 

Andrew and Halley always seem to find themselves in the middle of the SHTF, and it is no different in this one. When you stop to think that they were part of the first team to run into the Lankies, and they are somehow still fighting them after all these years, you wonder how Andrew doesn't have his own MOH. The battle for Mars was amazing and kept me reading long after I should have went to bed. Only having to go to work the next morning kept me from finishing it in one big sitting.

I can't believe it took me this long to get down to it on my TBR after reading all the other ones their week of release! IT is a mistake that I will make sure never happens again. 

Rated 5 stars with an impatiently waiting for the next book bonus star! 

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