Massage Practice: Reflexology

Ted Landon
Your feet are a virtual map of your whole body. Thousands of tiny nerve endings in the bottom of your feet, called reflexes, correspond to every organ and system within the body. Reflexology is the art of stimulating these points to elicit a healing response from your body¹s central nervous system. In Massage Practice: Reflexology, certified massage therapist Michelle Kluck teaches you how to give yourself or someone else an effective reflexology massage. In just a few minutes, reflexology can relieve symptoms that affect your energy levels and quality of life, boosting your immune system and overall health at the same time. Learn Techniques for Targeting Specific Ailments Including: MIGRAINES € SINUS TROUBLE € INDIGESTION € BACK PAIN € HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE € STRESS € POOR CIRCULATION Includes instruction on using massage tools for reflexology.


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