8-movie Action & Sci-fi Pack - Fortress / Total Recall 2070: Machine Dreams /cypher / Convict 762 / Equilibrium / Impostor / The Prophecy / Trancers

Eight Features
Hollywood's biggest stars light up the screen in these eight action-packed sci-fi films. They'll do everything from fight futuristic crime to save mankind in this must-have collection. FORTRESS John and Karen Brennick dare to have another child in a futuristic world that does not allow it and are sentenced to a sadistic prison buried beneath the Earth. TOTAL RECALL 2070: MACHINE DREAMS In the year 2070, the crime rate is virtually nonexistent. But when a government agent is gunned down, his partner is determined to uncover the dangerous truth. CYPHER When computer expert Morgan Sullivan joins a huge multinational company, he assumes a new identity and is sent undercover to investigate corporate espionage. CONVICT 762 After an error leads a spaceship off-course into an asteroid field, the crew is forced to stop and re-fuel at a penal colony. But upon landing, it's clear something isn't quite right. No one is alive except a terrified captain babbling about convict #762... EQUILIBRIUM In a futuristic society, the top enforcer misses a dose of an emotion-blocking drug and begins to realize that things are not as they seem. IMPOSTOR A government scientist, whose work promises to save the planet, is suddenly accused of being an alien spy. THE PROPHECY In his fight to stop the angel Gabriel and the forces of evil, an L.A. detective finds an ally in an elementary school teacher. Together they race against time and terror to save the world as we know it. TRANCERS I Angel City, 2247. Trooper Jack Deth is sent back in time to battle Whistler, an evil magnate who uses his psychic powers to trance and control armies of citizens.


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