Bane of the Black Sword (The Elric Saga, #5), The

Michael Moorcock
Stormbringer is brought Home! Elric returns to Yishana, and finds peace at last. Meanwhile, at the world's rim, dragging red horror in its wake, a horde unimaginable moves on the fabled, gentle, impossible city, Tanelorn.


Reviewed: 2019-04-19
This book in The Elric Saga, as usual, brings three stories of the White Wolf. This volume, in an unusual fashion, have also an extra story of Rackhir the Red Archer who we already know from previous participations in Elric's quests.
Quite frankly the first 2 stories made me feel as rating the book as 3 (it's okay) stars. There are good writing in then, but I don't enjoy overconfidence and stupidity. I like my heroes with at least 16 points in intelligence score thank you very much, unless it is a side character or the main character does have a intelligent one to team up with.
I'm pretty sure Elric is not about the action, for me at least, it is about the struggle against fate and gods, it is about existencialism, it is about living only for oneself, as Elric discovers that humans are more melniboneans than he think
The first book, Elric of Melnibonē, had an enchanting charm about it, the second had some big stuff about the universe, I truly enjoyed reading those, this one was falling short of it.
But the third story in the book was very better because, well... Spoilers, so I'll write then at the end, tagged.
The last story, Rackhir's was very good too, probably the best story in the book.
Also, in all 4 stories, the worldbuilding is great, the scenarios are well made and full.
The overall story of Elric is also very good.
Elric riding in the dragon with his true melnibonean blood awakened was really amazing
The way I see it Elric keep handling himself in a plate to his enemies simple because he wants to die, or don't have anything between his ears
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