Emerging Writer, The

Karen Pickering (Editor)
Every writer has to find their own way to emerge - there is no set route, no absolute path and no road that must be followed. But there is a lot we can learn from those who have travelled before us: how to get there more directly, how to bypass the road blocks, traverse the peaks and valleys, or which is the most scenic route. The Emerging Writer is an insider's guide full of valuable advice from fellow travellers - a resource you can keep within arm's length, for when you need to consult that map again to help you find your way. Inside you will find information on: How to create publication opportunities. Understanding your value and getting paid. Why you shouldn't write what you know. Managing your digital domain. And much more! Whether you're taking your first step, planning the next stage of your trip, or just want inspiration to keep travelling on your writing journey, this book is for you.


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