Air Devils

Ellen H. Hopkins
Welcome to today's air racing, the most exciting and fastest motor sport on earth. The smaller planes race at Indy-car speeds. But the big boys, the unlimited racers, roar down the straightaways twice as fast. That's over 500 mph. All the while, they fight wind, air currents, and gravity. Winning takes speed, skill, and spunk. There's more. The all-American show starts with the national anthem. But you have to look way up to find the flag. It's carried by a skydiving team, leaving trails of red, white, and blue smoke. Between races, a different breed of flier takes to the air. In biplanes, big planes, or jets, these aerial acrobats flip, dive and loop, fly upside down, and race dragsters. They are stunt pilots, sky divers, and sky racers. What a party! So climb aboard. Fly with the air devils, past and present. Take a ride you'll never forget. Book jacket.


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