Your Guide to Canadian Law

Antree Demakos, Ian D. Levine, Michael G. Crawford, James C. Middlemiss
Your Guide to Canadian Law provides expert answers to hundreds of the most frequently asked questions on Canadian law, rights and our legal system. No jargon, no theory, no maze of statutes - just clear and concise answers about the laws that matter most to you. Based on real-life experience and the contributions of over 300 participating lawyers, this Guide gives you everything you need to know about: Adoption Business Law Buying a Home Child Support Choosing a Lawyer Consumer Law Contracts Copyright and Patents Criminal Law and Removing Criminal Records Debt and Bankruptcy Divorce Environmental Law Family Law, Divorce and Support Healthcare Highway Traffic Act How the Courts Work How to get Legal Aid Immigration Insurance and Securities Internet and Computer Law Investments and RRSPs Landlord and Tenant Relations Obtaining Legal Aid Personal Injury Small Claims Court Stocks and Investments Suing Someone Tax Law Wills and Inheritance Wrongful Dismissal and much much more. . . Your Guide to Canadian Law is the best general reference on Canadian law available. It is perfect for every home and business and a must-have reference to empower families, students, the elderly and everyone else who needs answers to everyday legal questions.


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