Roberta Scherf, John Scherf, Chris Bye
MeMoves is an engaging combination of music, movement and images that decreases stress, improves mood, and enhances one s ability to focus. An enjoyable meditation in motion for kids 3-8, MeMoves creates an optimal environment for learning and living. Based on a mother s experience with her own daughter s struggles, MeMoves was developed by people who believe it s possible to create new and better ways to learn. Designed as an early childhood program for children as young as 3, MeMoves appeals to a wide range of ages and abilities. MeMoves is particularly helpful for individuals living with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger s, Sensory Integration Disorder, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and or depression. With just a few minutes of practice each day, MeMoves can help to lower stress, improve mood, and increase one s ability to focus. This multi-sensory program includes a DVD, music CD, textured Puzzle Cards, and User s Guide.


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