Deacon: The Biblical Roots and the Ministry of Mercy Today, The

Cornelis Van Dam
The office of deacon is God's gift to His church, but today it is often undervalued, misunderstood, and perceived to be of little importance. In The Deacon, the author considers the Old Testament background for this calling, the deacon in New Testament times and in church history, and the current function of the office. You will rediscover the high and privileged calling of deacons and come to a better understanding of what God requires of them. Table of Contents: Preface Introduction Part 1 - The Old Testament Background 1. The Poor in Israel 2. Providing for the Poor Part 2 - New Testament Times 3. Christ's Teaching on the Poor and Needy 4. Ministering to the Poor in Acts 6 5. The Office of Deacon 6. Female Deacon? Part 3 - The Office of Deacon in the History of the Church 7. The Testimony of the Early Church and the Heritage of the Reformation 8. Women and the Diaconate Part 4 - The Current Functioning of the Office 9. The Official Position of the Deacon Today 10. Enabling and Prioritizing 11. The Diaconal Ministry within the Congregation 12. The Diaconal Ministry outside the Congregation 13. The Blessing of the Poor Questions for Study and Reflection Resources for Further Study on Deacons


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