Art of Ritual, The

Renee Beck, Sydney Barbara Metrick
Rituals mark life's momentous and symbolic events: from special birthdays and holidays to personal affairs such as a child's first day of school or the death of a beloved pt. Over time, and as people and circumstances change, some rituals become merely habitual, losing their significance and creating a hunger for more meaningful methods of celebration. In THE ART OF RITUAL, Renee Beck and Sydney Barbara Metrick explain the power, relevance, and need for ritual, describing the various types of rituals and their myths, symbols, and history, as well as how to: Prepare, perform, and complete rituals; Integrate the five elements into ritual practice; Craft and consecrate ritual tools; Make and use altars. This revised and updated edition also includes a new healing ritual for small groups and a series of self-exploration exercises that assists with the integration of ritual into daily life. Presenting a multitude of ways to create ceremonies for healing, growth, and change, Beck and Metrick will inspire you to honor each rite of passage in a truly personal way.


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