Avalon High

Meg Cabot
Avalon High seems like a typical high school, attended by typical students: There's Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. And Will, senior class president, quarterback, and all-around good guy. But not everybody at Avalon High is who they appear to be ... not even, as new student Ellie is about to discover, herself. What part does she play in the drama that is unfolding? What if the bizarre chain of events and coincidences she has pieced together means -- as with the court of King Arthur -- tragedy is fast approaching Avalon High? Worst of all, what if there's nothing she can do about it?


Reviewed: 2017-01-02
A teen rip off of the Arthurian legends, with a slight twist on the legend and usual teen angst. I had actually seen the movie adaptation of this first, but can't say I like either version any better. The characters are fairly shallow and don't get much backstory. Mildly interesting for those who enjoy reading re-interpretations of the Arthurian legends, but otherwise I'd skip it.
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