Medicines to Help Us

Christi Belcourt, Rita Flamand, Olive Whitford, Laura Burnouf, Rose Richardson, Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research Staff (Contribution by)
In the Michif language, the words for medicine include “mhaskigi,” “maskihkiya,” and “askipâsân.” Within each word is an awareness that the healing power of plants is a life force generated from the strength of Mother Earth. This resource honours the centuries-old healing traditions of Métis women. Filled with full-colour photographs, maps, illustrations and the names of plants listed in three Aboriginal languages – Michif, Nēhiyawewin (Cree), and Anishinaabemowin (Ojibway) – each study print showcases a type of wild plant that can be found in one or all of the provinces of the Métis Homeland, from Ontario to BC. Along with an essay by Elder Rose Richardson on her first-hand experience in using medicinal plants, this compelling one-of-a-kind resource melds Métis contemporary art and the floral motif within Métis beadwork with Métis traditional knowledge.


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