Ava Chin
Split is an anthology of stories from popular Gen X journalists and authors that deepens the discussion on divorce and offers insights on the ramifications that divorce has on adult children. Honest and eloquent, each writer shares his or her personal experience in a way that touches us and gives voice to readers' deepest concerns. The success of books such as bestselling Mothers and Daughters, Sisters, Reviving Ophelia, Generation X, and other anthologies such as Becoming American and Our Mothers' Spirits clearly shows that readers are fascinated by and identify with first-person stories about intimate family relationships. Split will be written in the same spirit, but with a more in-depth focus on the different stages of dealing with parental divorce, and covering a multitude of experience from rock critics, fiction writers, poets, and pop-culture reporters. Its tone is reminiscent of a series of warm, personal conversations revealing the hidden aspects of growing up in a broken home, while still expressing hope for the future. A support group in a book, Split appeals to those who want to understand how their parents' divorce have affected their adult lives and relationships. W


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